Our patients come to Transforming Touch Acupuncture from all parts of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Here is what several of them have to say about their experience:

“If the nations’ leaders all received treatment from Jill & Earl, there would be world peace within a week.”
Vallejo, CA

​”Thank you for the session today. I certainly felt the work, rather intensely. Yes, remote healing delivers in the present, physical moment. Thank you for the security and support you lend to my growth and healing.”
​Benicia, CA

“If I wasn’t a believer in energy work, I would be now! What a wonderful experience it was to work with you [Earl and Jill] over the phone. Thank you both for your immense knowledge, for answering all of my questions, and for the treatment of the pain in my wrist. I was really quite amazed at the improvement and relief that I felt as we worked through the session. What a unique and enlightening experience!” 😊
Benicia, CA

“Jill and Earl truly are healers. They’ve helped me recover from Achilles rupture and other aches and pains. I’ve seen/worked with several acupuncturists/craniosacral therapists, but there is no one else who can compare to the quality and results I’ve experienced. Thank you so much for the healing you do!”
Walnut Creek, CA

“Amazing amazing amazing. My son has been growing like a weed, and having some lower back pain/strain. They worked with us to get an appointment around our busy baseball schedule, and even slipped in a second emergency visit with one day notice. Saved the day and my son has been pain free since the second follow up/emergency visit! Thank you!!!!”
Martinez, CA

“Just wish I could give 10 stars instead of 5! They do amazing work! I went in for shoulder and knee pain but didn’t realize that losing that pain was only one of the many benefits I would receive. My energy flow after my first session was amazing…I felt like I was walking on a cloud. It has been such a wonderful experience to go and have their total attention and energy during my appointments. I would honestly go every week if I could afford it…for my physical and emotional well being. Just so nurturing and awesome! Highly recommend!!!”
Benicia, CA

“By working in tandem, Earl and Jill create an extraordinary balance of male and female energy to source healing solutions, not only for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well. Their work is multidimensional and the healing runs deep. My daughter and I have both experienced great leaps forward under their tender care.”
Napa, CA

“Earl and Jill create a very calm, safe space to do their remarkable therapy in. They have been working together for quite a while and it shows in the effortless flow of their support for each other, and of course, for you the patient. I was treated by them for Parkinson’s and definitely benefited from their unique combination of perspectives and skills. I recommend working with them without hesitation.”
Albany, CA

“My husband and I have been patients of Transforming Touch for the last 16 years and make appointments on a fairly regular basis. Their work is professional and Jill and Earl are trusting people (very important when you have any type of body work done). They have the ability to tune into your body and focus on your well-being during a visit with ease. I always enjoy my time with them and wish I could see them every week! They have truly helped heal our ailments and they have helped to nurture our bodies. They will also help you feel connected to your body, your energy and their energy while you’re with them. When you leave, you will feel transformed through their touch! I recommend their services again and again.”
Cordelia, CA

“I came to Transforming Touch to seek relief from a range of Menopausal Symptoms, including hot flashes/night sweats, weight gain, mood swings, low libido, and lack of focus. (I had never had Acupuncture before, but was ready to give anything a try for relief!) Beginning with the first session (Acupuncture and Body Work with Earl & Jill working together), I felt a significant increase in my energy level, focus, and a more positive mood which lasted for many days after the treatment. With each subsequent appointment (I have had 4 so far), those benefits have continued, and the hot flashes/night sweats have steadily decreased in both frequency and severity. Furthermore, I am adopting healthier eating habits and I’m actually “motivated” to walk more due to my more optimistic & positive attitude. My husband and I are both participating in these therapeutic treatments for different health reasons, but we both have felt the undeniable benefits (including a higher degree of intimacy, romance, and FUN together)! Coincidence? We think not! We’re believers in Acupuncture and Therapeutic Body Work, and we’re confident in the expertise, experience and knowledge that Earl and Jill incorporate into each “custom” session. We highly recommend them!”
Vacaville, CA

“I sustained a painful neck injury this year during a strenuous Martial Arts class and needed help recovering. Western medicine treated the disk rupture with epidural injections and pain medication during the months after the event. Earl and Jill opened my eyes to the benefit of treating the energy flow of my body. Working together they promote wellness, not only of my injury but my mind and spirit. The alchemy of good health comes from a safe and caring place. I found that at Transforming Touch!”
Benicia, CA

“Being treated by Earl and Jill is a real treat. To have two talented health practitioners combining their skills to alleviate your symptoms and bring you into balance is a rare offering. I had a very sore neck with limited movement for over a year that had not responded to other modalities: Earl and Jill were able to bring me relief. Other ailments have been mitigated. I highly recommend a Transforming Touch.”
Benicia, CA

“I have been receiving acupuncture therapy for bursitis in my hip for over a year. Pain in the hip has prevented me from driving for more than 45 minutes at a time for more than 7 years, even after years of doing my physical therapy exercises. I can now drive for 3 hours at a stretch, plus the episodes of pain at other times are much reduced (almost gone.) A bonus is the decrease in neck pain from stress. Earl and Jill are very caring people and relaxing to be with. I look forward to my sessions with them.”
Benicia, CA

“My background is in the healing arts. I am a Reiki Master and a massage therapist; however, this was my first experience with acupuncture. My experience with the people at Transforming Touch, Jill Janoff and Earl Hinds, was a direct result of an accident that put me through the typical process of healing and or therapy. I was diagnosed and referred to a local physical therapist. After weeks of physical therapy and immobilization, my condition stabilized, however my thumb did not return to its normal function/ability. I suggested to my health provider that I was interested in receiving acupuncture. The provider agreed and was ready to refer me to my insurance provider. I was aware of Transforming Touch and convinced my health provider to give me a referral to this company instead. The difference between the treatment I would have received from my provider and what I received from Transforming Touch was like night and day. For instance, my provider, normally would have brought me into an acupuncture appointment, put me into a room, proceed with the treatment, set a timer on a clock and not come back into the room until the timer would alert the technician that I was done. At Transforming Touch, I was placed on a comfortable massage table, in a very healing atmosphere, and Earl would begin inserting the needles. While he was performing his gift of healing, Jill was doing CranioSacral work simultaneously. What really amazed me was that when Earl was finished with his “work,” he combined efforts with Jill and took this healing to a higher level. I will never forget my last treatment with Earl and Jill. Towards the end of that session, I felt like I was floating on air, literally. These gifted healers had brought me to such a place of tranquility and contentment. You can search the planet and may never find a more healing environment then what I experienced at Transforming Touch. And, yes, by the way, my thumb performs to its utmost capabilities now!”
Glen Cove, CA